Maria Sharapova

Maria Sharapova the world former number one who was banned for 2 year for testing positive to meldonium returnes by April 26th, though she had appealed the Judgement in the court of arbitration for sports. It was then reduced to 15 month..

Sharapova had early tested positive to the banned substance a week after it was banned by the anti doping agency for sports. An email was sent earlier to the Russian tennis player, that melodonium (a performance enhancing drug) has been banned, but then a week later, when the rountine test was done, sharapova tested Positive to the banned substance. she had pleaded her case by saying “I have not checked my email in a while, and im not aware that it has been banned” she said in the court of arbitration for sport. Sharapova will return At the April Grand prix, as her 15 months ban seem to be over.

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Maria Sharapova had fought earnestly, and despite all odds she seem to have stayed strong to return better and stronger. Some top seeded players have criticised the decision to cut her ban short and let her compete again. Many have said it seems to be preferential treatmen on the case of the Russian.

Maria Sharapova said she will not be bothered about the treatment she will get “WHEN YOU LOVE WHAT YOU DO AND DO IT WITH INTEGRITY, YOU DONT CARE ABOUT THE NOTION OF OTHERS” she had said. The April grand prix starts on April 24th and

Sharapova’s ban ends on the 26th, which means she gets to join two days after the competition kick starts. “pratice is never the same as match play, but i know im prepared and ready to be the best player i can be” sharapova has had to go through a lot, during her incalceration, but said she feels vindicated and happy to return.

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